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nutrition diet plan In this FREE Live webinar you are going to learn the foods and lifestyle that are going to bring down the Inflammation, Decrease Cholesterol, Balance the Blood Sugar, STOP the hypoglycemic episodes, and Decrease The Aging Factor by 10 years. Rhonda will connect you to your healthy journey by learning how to think of food not as a diet but as healing so that you learn how to Pause & Heal Painful Symptoms of Diabetes. You will also learn about FITT-Camp service in how you can work with Rhonda virtually and at the convenience of your home or work. This 2 week jump start will guide you through workouts, eating in the healthy diabetic clean way, and you will instantly receive a master grocery list so you can start connecting with your kitchen. Watch the video and learn ALL about it.

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There are more and more concerns being expressed by dog owners about commercial dog food. What exactly does it contain?

In the same way that we have become increasingly concerned about what is in the processed foods that we eat so dog owners are now becoming equally concerned!

It is with that in mind that Homemade Dog Food Recipes has been created.

Why has there been sucn an increase in interest in Homemade Dog Food and Homemade Dog Food Recipes you may be asking!

With the unfortunate increase in pet food recalls, dog owners throw their hands in the air wondering what exactly they can feed their dogs that’s actually safe and won’t be recalled the day after purchase.

We’ve since learned that one manufacturer used wheat gluten in their food, which caused most of the problems the first time. People started reading the labels of the food in hopes to find a safer product to give to their pets.

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stay healthy with these diabetic super foods

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My name is Lara and I’m here to talk to you about budgies. All budgies need a well rounded diet. This includes bird seed, pelleted food, and fresh fruits and vegetables. One thing you need to be aware of in purchasing a budgie is the fact that they can contract what is called giardia. Giardia is a parasitic disease that birds contract through drinking contaminated water or feces. Keeping the bird鈥檚 cage clean can help prevent this. Also making sure that they have fresh water daily can help deter this. If you feel your budgie may have giardia you need to take him to a vet immediately and have him treated.

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