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In this video we interview raw vegan Tasha Lee who follows a high fruit, low fat raw vegan lifestyle.

Tasha shares with us her before and after story and how her health dramatically changed for the better once she began eating a high fruit, low fat raw vegan diet and how the use of certain supplements allowed her to reach greater levels of health and vitality.

Tasha discusses her type 1 diabetes and how eating a high fruit raw vegan food diet has greatly improved her condition.

Consuming too much fat in the diet and over-loading the body with it can lead to also sorts of health issues and can cause type 2 diabetes, as well as lead to problems with those suffering with type 1.

Too much fat, even on a raw food diet, can result in other health problems, including weight gain, fatigue, Candida and depression.

Put simply, when too much fat is consumed in the diet, it will interfere with the process of sugar metabolism.

Instead of the insulin hormone being easily able to transport the sugar from the bloodstream and into the body’s cells, it begins to struggle with all the extra fat that inhibits its function of transporting the sugar. So the pancreas has to produce even more insulin in response and so this then over-stresses the organ with the larger amounts of insulin that are then required.

So eating a high fruit diet that has a healthy level of fat (aka the 80/10/10 diet) not only allows the normal transportation of the sugar from the bloodstream into the body’s cells, but the fiber in the fruit also allows a steady uptake of sugar into the bloodstream when digested, so at no point is the pancreas overstressed. With this type of diet type 2 diabetes is avoided/healed and type 1 diabetes can be improved.

In this video you will also discover how Tasha:

• Healed her eating disorder, including bingeing
• Stopped suffering from headaches and frequent colds
• Healed her epilepsy, which was related to her blood sugar levels
• Tried all sorts of diets that failed including low carb, high fat raw/gourmet and the eating of animal products
• Managed to control and heal her blood sugar issues
• Found a diet that matched her 3 main criteria of: giving her good energy levels, good blood sugar control and allowed her body to heal, which is what the 80/10/10 lifestyle did for her.
• No longer suffers from depression
• Has better dental health
• What supplementation she used to improve her health still further and correct her deficiencies, whilst still maintaining the vegan, raw lifestyle

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Paul and Yulia Tarbath

So how do you incorporate all you know about the diabetes diet into a workable meal plan? This video reviews some basic meal planning tips as well as a few ideas on WHAT to eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

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Karina Fugett, RD, LD, CDE

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No one is more upbeat than Mike Randolph. He will light your entrepreneurial spirit on fire. Abi is back with a report on his food poisoning bout and Nikki’s mom, who is a nurse, is deathly allergic to shellfish. Dr. Glidden doesn’t think Al needs chelation therapy, but Shirley should definitely continue taking Sweet Eze for her depression. And, yes, some Germans have chronic constipation. It’s all here on this radio show!

01:29 – Dr. Glidden reports that, according to the Center for Disease Control, diabetes has increased 45% in the past 20 years. The greatest increase involves adults 65 and older. He says obesity and diabetes are both caused by the same thing–chronic nutrient deficiencies. Diseases are skyrocketing. It is the blind leading the blind of medical madness. MDs are businessmen, not caring physicians.

14:23 – Gottfried in Germany, 61, is diabetic and has been taking insulin since 1997. He has glaucoma and poor balance, as well as chronic constipation. Regarding constipation, Dr. Glidden tells him the culprits are wheat, barley, rye and oats. Coffee helps with constipation, and an apple a day at the end of the evening meal. For the diabetes:

29:40 – Shirley in California is calling back to ask if she should continue to take 12 Sweet Eze per day. Dr. Glidden tells her to continue the regimen through July, just in case. It’s hard to know exactly when to stop the Sweet Eze. The root cause of depression is a blood sugar issue.

34:05 – Al, 64, is planning intravenous EDTA chelation therapy. Dr. Glidden says if Al isn’t eating bad food and is taking proper nutrients for his circulatory system, chelation is not necessary. Chelation is good at managing problems, not fixing them.

43:07 – Mike Randolph, Vice President of Leadership Development at Youngevity, talks about how the entrepreneurial spirit is stronger than it has ever been. The opportunity is greater now than it has ever been. He urges listeners to take responsibility and a little risk. He speaks of the amazing atmosphere at the Las Vegas Convention. People were in a great frame of mind. One team, one dream. Dr. Glidden says with all the support it’s hard to imagine someone failing in this business. The system is already in place.

1:00:41 – Nikki in Wisconsin is calling back about her mother’s arachnoiditis. She had had spinal fusion and Dr Glidden says that probably caused her condition. Nikki says her mother is a nurse and receptive to Youngevity products, but has a severe allergy to shellfish. She shouldn’t take Osteo FX Plus or Gluco-Gel.

1:09:20 – Sam in Chicago has been taking the Beyond Tangy Tangerine and Selenium, and wants to know if he’s doing everything right. Dr. Glidden says there aren’t any hard and fast rules. The dosages are based on body weight. Absorption is important, so Sam must eliminate the 10 Bad Foods. Minerals should not be consumed with foods containing phytates.

1:14:30 – Abi in Miami is calling to report that the homeopathic medicine Dr. Glidden recommended for his food poisoning has worked. He woke up the next morning a new person. Dr. Glidden says Abi should now take Root Beer Belly or Flora FX.

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By using thinly-sliced zucchini in place of the traditional noodles found in the Italian food classic, you can add lasagna to your list of diabetic recipes to serve to a crowd. In this cooking video, Tova from Diabetic Survival Kit ( make a low carb diet lasagna using ground beef, zucchini and heaps of bold flavor.

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